Ear nose and throat problems are among the most common complaints from adults and children while on summer vacation. Dr. Peristerakis brought happy endings to ear, nose, throat and other health problems for hundreds of patients.

Why a specialist ?

The ENT surgeon (Otorhinolaryngologist) has more experience than a general practitioner to recognize a serious problem before it worsen, he can treat you immediately and effectively so that problems do not come to the point of ruining your holidays. That’s why it’s good to know an ear, nose and throat specialist who speaks your language and will provide you ENT specialist expertise at no extra cost comparing to a generalist.


Patient testimonials

"Simplement un petit message pour vous remercier de votre consultation samedi dernier.
Vous avez "sauvé" ma semaine de vacances! 
J'ai continué les antibiotiques bien sûr, mais je ne sentais plus rien après 2 jours: merveilleux!
Encore merci et bonne saison d’été à Mykonos."
-Carole Baud-Lavigne.

"All of us wish to thank you, Dr. Peristerakis, for your kindness and effectiveness during our son's peritonsillar abcess. Now that he is out of danger, we think it's time to give credit where it is due. Competent, sensitive physicians like you are the prize of the medical profession. We can't say enough good about you. You really saved our son’s health and our two months trip to Europe." 
- John.A. Anderson

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